Why do I pull my hair out? Understanding Trichotillomania

Do you find yourself pulling out your hair?

Is this something you do subconsciously?

Is there something bothering you and by pulling out your hair alleviates the possible problem?

or are you not sure why you do it?

These are questions that many people with this disorder go through and are often asked by loved ones as to the reason for why it is happening 

It is more common then people realise and the disorder is called Trichotillomania. It can also be known as trich or TTM.  

This disorder is triggered by certain events like stress, negative thoughts, anxiety, boredom or even frustration and the symptoms can include pulling out the hair on the head or in other places, such as eyebrows or eyelashes. This can be very distressing and medical advice should be obtained to help to control or understand the root of the problem. 

Therapy can help people overcome trichotillomania. The most widely used type of therapy is called habit-reversal training (HRT). It’s a type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). In this therapy, people meet with a therapist to learn skills to help them reverse the hair pulling habit. 

However many people who suffer with this disorder often dip in and out of the condition and some will simply grow out of the disorder depending on the reasons it started. 

The positive aspect of this disorder is that generally the hair which is pulled out often grows back absolutely normally however the one possible side effect if the same hair is constantly pulled out could lead to scar tissue in that area which may stop the hair regrowing completely. 


Trichotillomania: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

Where we can help..   

Here at the Regrow Hair Centre we have managed and treated many people with this disorder and consult with the client empathetically and with care as it can be met with embaressment and sadness.  

We have many treatments that can help the hair regrow, one of these treatments we particularly lean towards is the hair loss injections treatment. 

This treatment is a natural safe and effective procedure that helps to stimulate and act like a fertiliser to these hairs that have been pulled out. This treatment also can help the thickness of the new growth. It is very effective at regenerating damaged tissues whilst also promoting the creation of new cells.  

The Injection is so beneficial that it is not only used to improve hair health, but also to improve skin quality, so if the trcichotillomania is happening on the face it is also something we can treat. The treatment is a minimal, painless procedure that can be performed without the need for local anaesthesia. 


If you are interested to learn more about our treatments go to www.regrowhaircentre.com or call us on 0800 246 1606 for more information. 

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