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Our main objective is to provide safe hair loss treatments tailored to each individuals personal needs. We specialise in non-surgical procedures using the latest technology, techniques and research available to ensure the best possible results for all of our patients.


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The Regrow Hair Centre specializes in offering the best in market solutions for the treatment of Hair loss in Men and Women.  Utilising the latest technology and techniques, The Regrow Hair Centre focuses on giving you, the patient, the best chance possible to improve and overcome the hair loss.  We offer Hair Transplants, Laser Therapy, PRP injections and a strong home solution to cover all aspects of androgenic alopecia from stopping the hair loss, stimulating growth and breaking down the blockages to allow hair to regrow once again.




Why hair loss?

The reason we lose our hair comes down to many factors, why you lose your hair could be down to (a) Genetics (if your father or members of your family are bald you may be in risk of sharing that same gene) (b) getting older – as we age our hair follicles become weaker as our growth factors start to slow down or (c) which is probably the strongest reason, is an over-abundance of the male hormone DHT within the hair follicle. DHT attacks the hair follicle and makes it smaller in length, thinner in width and lighter in colour to the point where it shrinks and dies.

Hair loss in Women

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At Regrow Hair Centre we offer a number of treatments which compliment each other to give you the best possible opportunity to stop your hair loss.  We initially look to stop your hair loss and then to help regrow what you have lost. We aim to stop DHT attacking your hair follicle and improve the hairs chance of growing longer, thicker and stronger by using the latest technology and techniques.

If you are “too far gone” (i.e. your follicles are dead) then we can still assist you with our range of hair transplant techniques, providing there is a good donor area (we take hair from the back of your head) it is not uncommon to restore lost hair areas by way of transplantation – check our page on transplants for more information.

The sooner you address your thinning hair the better chance you have of saving it

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