The strongest natural Ingredient to promote hair growth which is FDA approved!


Capilia Longa – Remember this ingredient!


I’m sure you feel like you have tried every tik tok trending product, all of the products found in the high street health stores and still not getting the desired results you so longly strive for?


One ingredient you probably have not heard of or knew about is Capilia Longa… Capilia Longa is a 100% natural active from plant stem cells taken from turmeric.  Capilia Longa is extracted from Curcuma longa plant whose root is used to produce the common spice Tumeric.


So now you know about this ingredient you’re now going to want to ask “ok, so how does it help my hair?” well this ingredient is not some ‘fad’ natural treatment, Capilia Longa has achieved FDA status as a natural active ingredient that improves density in hair, eyebrows and eyelashes through a biological approach and has been shown to promote hair growth by as much as 52%.


How it works is It basically hits the ‘reset’ button of the hair bulb  and restarts the activity of dermal papilla cells (basically it sits below the hair bulb and supplies nutrients and blood flow to feed the hair itself)


The problem is this isn’t something that is readily available at your local health store or on amazon.  This is one of those ingredients that is quite expensive to harvest and is mainly used by professional hair loss products.  Probably one of the best products that contains Capilia longa is a brand known as Scandinavian Biolabs who have created a ‘bioplixin serum’ for men and women.  In this serum is a mixed blend of capilia longa, Caffeine to help the blood flow and an Amino acid complex which strengthen and improves the integrity of damaged hair.


This product can be found here and if you sign up to the newsletter you can get a 10% code on your first purchase.  Scandinavian Biolabs are so confident in their product they offer visible results in 150 days or your money back*

You can read more about Scandinavian biolabs here and to understand the terms and conditions of the money back guarantee


At the end of the day there is one thing that is for sure  – As long as there are active hair follicles, there is a chance for growth.

If you are concerned about your the health of your hair and need more information on hair loss solutions contact Regrow Hair Centre.

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