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NEW! Hair Transplants

Introducing our new transplants working with the best clinic in Turkey utilising the latest techniques giving you great results at great prices – Solving your hair loss problems for good!

Hair Transplants – British Standards at Turkish prices!

The Regrow Hair Centre has spent countless hours and many visits to search for the best transplant surgeons and clinics in Turkey who live up to our standards for excellence giving our patients the confidence that they are getting not only an excellent service but also value for money.

We have joined forces with Avicen Hair who are specialists in the latest techniques for hair transplants and have carried out over 40,000 transplants since their existence.  We only use the best techniques providing the best results.  These techniques are:

Sapphire FUE – using a sapphire blade to create the channels for the hair follicle to be inserted into allows the holes to be closer together giving the patient a denser more naturally looking hair line.  If required hair follicles can also be taken from other areas of the body should the donor area be insufficient for maximum results.

DHI – The latest technique available where a patient needn’t shave the head to insert new follicles.  Popular with women and men who have a lot of hair but certain areas of thinning where DHI can increase follicles and create denser hair in that area.  Retention rates for DHI are extremely high and due to the less invasive procedure healing time is a lot quicker



*excludes flights

Hair transplant before and after
Hair Transplant, new hairline

The Amazing Package

avicen hair text
veyron hotel
  • Unlimited grafts via DHI or sapphire FUE (surgeon will decide best option).
  • All medication provided for post-operative care including specialist shampoo and panthenol spray.
  • One hair regrowth shot directly after the operation for increased healing.
  • A 3-night stay in 4-star hotel, with breakfast included.
  • Private transfers from Istanbul airport to the hotel and hospital — both ways.
  • A fluent speaking translator with you at all key stages.
  • A dedicated team of up to 5 people working on your head: including a surgeon, anaesthetist, nurses and technicians.
  • All packages are customisable (incl. length of stay, hotels, airports). Just inform us and we can make the arrangements.



Patients Guide & FAQ

 Are there medical conditions that make a hair transplant difficult?

As with all operations, certain conditions must be made aware, typically heart, blood and skin diseases are risk factors for hair transplants. If you have a history of heart attack, eczema or lupus, hair transplant is not recommended. If you are on medication of any type, please consult your primary doctor and inform us.
If you are a regular smoker please try and stop smoking  7-10 days before the operation. Avoid taking alcohol 1-2 days before the operation.
For an overall medical check, you can have a look at our medical background checklist which gives you best practice for caring for your tranplant

How many days should I stay in Turkey?

Typically, a 3-night stay in Istanbul is required. Depending on timing of your flights, 2 nights can be possible.

What does all-inclusive hair transplant package include?

All-inclusive package includes the following items:
•    Transplant operation + control + washing on final day
•    Shampoo + lotion
•    3 nights stay at a 4-star hotel in central location, including breakfast
•    Transfers in Istanbul

Can I opt to have a custom package?

Yes. We can adjust items in the package such as having a 3-star or 5 star hotel instead of a 4-star one. If you inform us about your preferences, we can reflect them to planning and pricing.

Should I book the hotel myself?

No need! The Hotel and transfers in Istanbul are included in our all-inclusive package. We will handle the booking for you to make it easy for you.
It is however possible to have only the treatment and arrange the hotel yourself should you wish to, all you need to do is let us know and we can adjust the price accordingly.

Can I come with spouse/partner/family?

Yes absolutely. Please inform us about the details, and we will handle the hotel reservations for you. 

Do I need a visa to come to Turkey?

Visa requirement changes from country to country. British citizens can obtain it online in 2-3 working days. For more information go to:

Does the all-inclusive package include plane tickets?

Unfortunately not, plane tickets are not included in the package but can be purchased from around £130 depending on time of year and demand

Which airport should I use in Istanbul?

There are 2 airports in Istanbul. Istanbul airport (IST) is closer to city center. Sabiha Gokcen (SAW) is also possible, but please consider it as a secondary option.

medical consultation

Medical consultation

transplant hospital

Etiler Hopsital

hotel bedroom

Veyron Hotel typical room

Operation Day

How long does the operation take?

Depending on the technique that is used and number of grafts transplanted, the operation is completed in 4-8 hours. It is always completed in a single day. There are breaks during the procedure for lunch and at regular intervals should you need.

What kind of anesthesia is used in hair transplant operation?

Local anesthesia is used in hair transplant operation and you will not feel anything, many patients have even fallen asleep its that comfortable!

Can I have general anesthesia for hair transplant operation?

General anesthesia is not required for hair transplant. It can be done optionally, but it is not recommended. In practice, we almost never do general anesthesia in hair transplants.

After the Operation

How long does the scabs remain?

Scabs usually remain for about 7-10 days after the operation not pick the scabs they will fall out when the wound is healed – try and be patient.

How is the proper care in first 7-10 days after the operation?

Just after the operation (day 1), you will have a bandage and hairband in your head to stop from swelling. It is important to keep them on for the next 2 days before initial wash.
On day 2, before you leave, initial wash is performed by the doctor. We provide you with special shampoo and lotion that are used during the first 10 days. Bandage and hairband are removed. We describe post-op care and hair wash procedure to you, so that you can perform it yourself.
Scabs start go down in 7-10 days, and after that it is not understood that you had hair transplant. Newly transplanted hair starts to grow around this period.
It is not recommended to take alcohol during this period.


Please click for post operation guideline.

When does the newly transplanted hair become visible?

Growth of newly transplanted hair becomes obvious by month 3. During this period, we recommend the following:
•    Avoid scratching and too much touching
•    Avoid direct sunlight, especially in summer
•    Avoid hot showers to your head
•    Allow your hair to take fresh air. For example, if you wear hat, don’t make it tight
•    Avoid smoking

How long does it take to achieve `full coverage`?

Growth of newly transplanted hair continues after month 3. Full results are achieved by month 6-12.  Taking the hair regrowth injections that we offer will speed up the growth process and help with the strength of the hair.

The sooner you address your thinning hair the better chance you have of saving it

– let us help you!


*Please note that results may vary and are not guaranteed.