The Science Behind Hair Loss and How Regrow Can Help

The science behind hair loss can be complex, filled with a mix of emotions and countless questions. We’ll take a look at subtle differences in hair loss causes and the Regrow approach.


The Hair Growth Cycle

Each hair undergoes the hair growth cycle starting with growth, transitional, and resting phases. When the cycle is disrupted it can lead to hair thinning or a complete hair loss.


Why Does Hair Loss Occur?


Genetic Factors

At the core of hereditary hair loss is androgenic alopecia. Both men and women struggle with its effects, rooted in our genetic makeup and intertwined with hormones and the inevitable march of time. For many men, the first signs emerge as receding hairlines or prominent bald patches. On the other hand, women are often faced with a widening parting space and gradual thinning. However, beyond the physical manifestations, androgenic alopecia carries an emotional weight, impacting self-perception and often triggering feelings of vulnerability.

Hormonal Changes

Hormones serve as our body’s messengers, influencing numerous processes, including hair health. Pregnancy, with its hormonal roller-coaster, often sees a surge in hair growth, followed by notable shedding post-delivery. On the other hand menopause, another significant hormonal shift, commonly leads to hair thinning as estrogen levels decline. Another major influencer on hormones is the thyroid gland. Both, its overactivity and underactivity can severely disrupt the natural rhythm of hair growth, underscoring the intricate ties between hormones and our hair’s well-being.

Medical Conditions

Among the myriad medical conditions that impact hair, alopecia areata stands out. This autoimmune disorder sees the body mistakenly launching an attack on its hair follicles, culminating in unexpected, patchy hair loss. On a different spectrum, scalp infections like ringworm invade the skin and hair, resulting in itchy, scaly patches. These conditions underline the significance of early detection. Therefore, through prompt diagnosis and intervention, the effects on hair can be mitigated, if not entirely reversed.

Medications and Supplements

The realm of pharmaceuticals, while instrumental in treating a multitude of ailments, can sometimes bear unintended side effects. A variety of medications, spanning from those addressing cancer to depression and high blood pressure, have the potential to influence hair health adversely. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance for patients to remain vigilant, noting any hair changes post-medication commencement, and seeking guidance from healthcare practitioners to strike a balance between treatment benefits and potential side effects.


The mind-body connection is profound, with stress serving as a testament to this link. Physical traumas, be it surgeries or severe illnesses, can send shockwaves through the system, manifesting in temporary hair thinning. On the emotional front, intense experiences, be they personal losses or significant life changes, can similarly disturb the hair cycle. Interestingly, stress-induced hair loss often surfaces months after the stressor, emphasizing the need for holistic health awareness and timely stress management techniques.


The Regrow Approach


  1. Individual Assessment

At Regrow, we celebrate individuality, understanding that each hair loss journey is unique and needs a personalised approach. For this reason, the focus of the first consultation is to understand your hair, its condition, the health of your scalp, your lifestyle and your habits.

We continually embrace innovation, harnessing advanced PRP treatments, laser therapies, and the latest in hair restoration to offer unparalleled solutions.

Understanding the science behind hair loss is empowering. We’re passionate about enlightening our clients and ensuring a comprehensive grasp of their hair loss dynamics and chosen treatment paths.


The Journey Ahead


By understanding hair loss at the start of your journey and Regrow’s expertise as the guide, facing hair loss becomes a journey of regrowth and renewal. Therefore, it’s about restoring not just the hair, but the innate confidence that accompanies it. Hair loss should be only a chapter in your story. Book your personalised consultation here


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