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Win back your confidence with a natural-looking DHI hair transplant. DHI stands for ‘Direct Hair Implant’. The method uses some of the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology.

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    Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Hair Transplant Service


    Our expert Regrow Hair consultants will meet with you to discuss the DHI hair transplant procedure with you closely and the necessary steps.

    Many people opt for the DHI hair transplant method because it is associated with more natural-looking results, a faster healing process, and a higher growth rate in the transplanted hair.

    We want our patients to look and feel great. That is why we believe in the DHI hair transplant as an effective way to deliver confidence-inspiring results.

    DHI Hair Transplants in Turkey

    The DHI hair transplant technique is the newest and most advanced transplant available. We are able to offer it at very competitive prices, with our Turkish partners.

    The Hair You Want

    Every person is different. Our doctors and consultants will discuss with you the best way to deliver your DHI hair transplant grafts for the look you deserve.

    Minimal Surgical Intervention

    You won’t even have to shave your head with the advanced techniques that DHI hair transplantation offers.

    Want a DHI hair transplant? You're not alone

    DHI hair transplants are very popular, due to their relatively non-invasive implementation. Many celebrities, sports stars and TV personalities have had DHI hair transplant surgery.

    And although it is a big step to undertake a DHI hair transplant, the natural-looking end result can make all the difference.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For advice or answers to your questions, call us +44 0800 246 1606 or check out our frequently asked questions below.

    The DHI (direct hair implantation) method of hair transplant is a modification of the more common FUE transplant. In FUE, the surgeon will manually cut channels in your scalp where the hair will be implanted but, with DHI, the surgeon uses a specialised pen tool which can do both at the same time. This means that the procedure is faster and can more accurately create a natural look.

    Both FUE and DHI hair transplants can restore your hair growth and look natural, so it’s not necessarily a case of which is better but which is better suited to your circumstances. DHI is more efficient and some recipients feel they’ve achieved a more natural look with the procedure but DHI is generally more expensive. For more information about what’s best for you, get in touch with Regrow Hair Centre and we will advise you further.

    Once hair follicles have been transplanted by DHI transplant, the body genetically programmes them to continue growing for life. This means that most people who receive a DHI hair transplant will experience new hair growth at the transplant site permanently. However, some patients may continue to experience hair loss outside of the site and may require future treatments to restore hair to these areas.

    95% to 98% of the hair transplanted in DHI hair transplants is retained, making it one of the most successful forms of hair restoration. This procedure also results in little to no scarring as the extraction points are very small. All of our DHI hair transplants come with a guarantee so that if you are not confident your procedure has been successful, we offer a full refund or a repair at no extra cost.

    Most of the time, the surgeon will shave your head before the operation to improve accuracy and make extraction more straightforward. However, with DHI transplants, the surgeon may be able to leave the hair on the top of your head and shave only the back, allowing you to maintain your hairline during the healing process. This is commonly how we carry out the procedure for our female patients.

    Transplanted hair usually sheds from the transplant site after 3-6 weeks post-procedure. The new hair will then grow in after around 2-4 months. At Regrow Hair Clinic, we include Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy with each of our hair transplants. PRP treatment nourishes the scalp with nutrients from your own body and can speed up the hair growth process. Transplanted hair can begin growing up to a year after the surgery and we will stay in touch with you throughout this period to monitor your progress.

    We provide an individual quote for each of our customers as the nature of hair transplants vary between each person. For an idea of cost for your hair transplant, get in touch and we will discuss your circumstances and schedule you for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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