PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

PRP stimulates hair growth. It decreases hair loss and increases hair volume and strength – and is all made possible by your own blood.

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The advantages of PRP hair
loss treatment

PRP treatment requires monthly treatments, with platelet-injections quarterly for maintenance. This makes PRP very convenient. But there are other advantages:
Effective results
PRP treatment stimulates and strengthens the hair follicles to encourage hair growth. It also thickens existing hair. Visible results of hair regrowth typically come about within three months of starting treatment.
Minimal discomfort
PRP is a non-surgical treatment. Only a small amount of blood is taken and not very often, so there’s no need to worry.
No time off work needed
PRP is a non-surgical treatment. Only a small amount of blood is taken and not very often, so there’s no need to worry.
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PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, or ‘PRP’ hair treatment works to stimulate hair growth and combat hair loss. It works by drawing a small amount of the patient’s own blood, and injecting or rubbing the blood into the scalp. because of this, PRP hair treatment is sometimes given the nickname ‘PRP Vampire’ therapy.

PRP is a non-surgical procedure with no side effects, available at our Regrow Hair clinic.

PRP – What exactly happens?

A very small sample of blood, about 11ml, is needed from the patient. This is nothing out of the ordinary, and no different to getting a routine blood test. This blood sample is then placed in a centrifuge. A centrifuge spins the blood rapidly. This separates the platelets and the plasma from the red and white blood cells.


PRP and hair growth factors

PRP is a ‘stimulator’, meaning it works to stimulate the hair growth cycle. Other stimulators include topical Minoxidil and Low Level Laser Therapy.

Is PRP Safe?

The answer is: very. It is entirely safe to re-inject a patient’s own blood. The procedure is performed by our trained and qualified medical team in our sterile clinic treatment department and only takes about 10 minutes to prepare. And of course, all of the equipment we use is 100% disposable.

The PRP hair restoration method is similar in execution to the Facial PRP or ‘Vampire Facelift’ method of skin rejuvenation.

Do you have thinning hair? If you are interested in PRP hair treatment, or other of the other non-surgical treatments that we offer at Regrow Hair, Contact Us today for a free consultation. If you are in London, we are very easy to reach.

Not all PRP kits offer the same concentration and quality of PRP which is essential in providing the best results for your hair growth.

Regrow Hair Centre have carried out extensive research into finding the best PRP kit available to the UK which not only offer superior quality and quantity of PRP but are also competitively priced.

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