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Low-level light therapy (or LLLT) is clinically proven to treat hair loss and grow thicker, fuller hair fast for both men and women.

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Laser treatment as hair loss treatment

Laser technology developed in the 1960s. It did not take long for scientists to notice the healing and restorative powers of light energy. Laser technology is an approved medical treatment for lots of other medical conditions and not just hair loss. The idea for laser hair growth as treatment became apparent in 1967 when Endre Mester of Semmelweis University (Hungary) observed LLLT’s ability to promote hair restoration in mice.

The success of laser light as a means to promote hair growth is well documented. In the USA, successful clinical trials earned it FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval. Many other clinical trials have since demonstrated positive effects on thinning hair and pattern baldness. And especially androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern baldness in women.

There are many different laser devices that can deliver laser hair treatment. Including laser combs, laser caps, and laser helmets. Some of these medical devices are suitable for home use.

The science of low-level laser therapy

When light energy shines on exposed cells or tissue, it encourages a photochemical reaction. This can improve blood flow and give the targeted cells more energy to perform various cellular tasks, like hair regrowth.

Laser hair therapy works by encouraging hair follicles to move from the telogen phase into the anagen phase. It also has a controlling influence on an enzyme known as ‘5-a reductase’. The enzyme 5-a reductase converts the hormone testosterone into DHT, and DHT can cause hair loss. By ‘controlling’ the enzyme, LLLT can prevent DHT from being made, slowing or stopping hair loss.

Can I expect positive results from LLLT?

Laser hair therapy works as a hair growth system. It also thickens pre-existing hair. Laser treatment for hair loss is effective from the early stages, right through to the most advanced Norwood stages of patterned baldness.

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