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Hair Loss Solutions – Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men  Copy

Hair Loss Solutions – Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men Copy


Men’s hair loss is very speedy. If you notice the indications of hair loss, you need to get the best hair loss treatment for men because it will soon turn into serious alopecia. Hair specialists say it is easier to prevent hair loss through latest hair loss treatment for men than attempting to regrow it. Examine the hair loss causes and pick among the best hair loss treatment for men available which shall work for you specifically.

Causes of Men’s Hair Loss

There exist many hair-loss myths. Some think hair fall might be caused by stress, others blame the environmental conditions; in some cases, smoking, hair styling, loss of weight and hard-core exercising are connected with men’s thinning hair.
However, none of the myths proves to be true. Its main causes are:

⦁ Genetics – almost all hair loss cases are hereditary;
⦁ Immune system malfunctions;
⦁ Drugs, medical treatments (chemotherapy, acne treatments, heart medications, blood thinners, antidepressants);
⦁ Different allergic reactions;
⦁ Protein or vitamin deficiency.

Hair Loss Supplements – Natural Hair Loss Treatment For Men

hair loss treatment for men

Hair loss supplements are generally a blend of medications and natural components. The most well-known medication is finasteride; it lowers the DHT hormone and steroid production and is sold as “Proscar” or “Propecia”. Trichologists also mention ketoconazole as a good antifungal drug against hair loss cases in men.
If you are keen on buying oral medications than topical products, look for biotin, keratin, and oils on the packaging. A good dose of vitamins is also crucial (especially B and C) for natural hair loss treatment for men. If your hair is falling out, the increased intake of protein, iron and omega 3 will be a good idea.

Topical Hair Loss Treatment for Men

These are applied to the scalp and hair. These are all shampoos, conditioners, foams, etc. Such products can be divided into 2 groups: the one with temporary results and those with long-lasting results. Topical hair loss treatment for men is sometimes recommended if pills don’t work or as an addition to hair loss medicines. Doctors advise trying minoxidil for those guys who don’t respond well to finasteride treatment. Topical treatments are considered most effective for thinning hair, which includes drugs.

Laser Treatment – Latest Hair Loss Treatment for Men

The latest hair loss treatment for men is laser treatments. Laser Treatments are now more safe, less painful and more effective in preventing the hair loss. Inflammations in hair follicles may keep hair from re-growing too. Low-level laser therapy aims at reducing them. It encourages protein synthesis and stimulates the blood flow. 80% of people have less shedding after this therapy; 40% obtain thicker locks. However, Laser Treatments are costly. You may consider laser at-home handheld devices as an alternative (helmets, brushes and even caps).

Transplantation – Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Amid the hair replacement medical procedure, healthy hairs are moved from the back as well as sides of the patient to fill in the bald spots (from thicker parts to bald spots). It is an expensive procedure that needs a few re-iterations and takes a large portion of a year to develop out hair to its natural thickness and length. It might leave scars, particularly the supposed “strip strategy” (90 percent regrowth rate). After the follicular unit extraction, you will have the capacity to wear your favourite blurs once more (80 percent regrowth rate). Using artificially manufactured strands rather genuine human hairs isn’t recommended as it might cause side effects or diseases in the worst case.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment for Men


In comparison with all other methods, it sounds like placebo… However, all’s fair in war. Why not try natural remedies before opting for surgery? Natural hair loss treatment for men includes using natural ingredients available for preventing hair thinning. Hair oils are the easiest available natural options that may lead to some improvements. The best-recommended hair oils are rosemary, peppermint, ginkgo biloba, lavender, and almond oils. Among plants, aloe vera and green tea may work.
Men also share different ingredients for hair growth masks on hair loss forums on various social platforms. The most preferred ingredients are onion juice, egg oil, coconut oil, garlic and ginger juices, vitamin E, and avocado.

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