PRP treatment for hair loss is a non-invasive hair regrowth treatment. A small amount of blood is obtained from your body from which platelet-rich plasma is isolated using centrifugation technology and then is injected into the affected areas of your hair loss.  See our PRP page for further information www.regrowhaircentre.com/prp-treatment/

Yes, We advise our clients to have PRP injections in conjunction with other hair loss treatments, to improve their hair growth and stop from hair loss.  Increasing clinical evidence suggests PRP can reverse hair loss and stimulate natural hair growth. Most PRP studies report following up with patients for up to six months after their procedure.

At the Regrow Hair Centre we now insist on after care PRP treatments following a hair transplant.  PRP can accelerate the growth of the newly implanted hairs whilst making the hair thicker, stronger and give great texture to the hair.  Many people who do not have PRP after a transplant often describe their hair as wirey/brittle – this can be corrected by using PRP.

After your PRP treatment we ask you not to wash your hair for 24 hours to allow maximum absorption of the Plasma into your scalp.  We also advise to avoid saunas, steam rooms and swimming for 2 days after your treatment.

The procedure is relatively painless and requires zero recovery time.  Pain thresholds are different with every patient, we have some patients who find it therapeutic whilst some are particularly sensitive to the sensation.  If a patient struggles with the pain we can administer a numbing cream to alleviate the pain for them.

After spinning the blood we produce Highly concentrated growth factors in the form of platelets have been shown to stimulate new hair growth, thicken thinned out hair, and make hair transplants grow thicker and healthier

PRP tends to improve hair quality and hair growth for about four to six weeks, requiring repeated treatments once a month for 4 months. We advise to repeat after 3-6 months as part of a maintenance treatment to keep the hair healthy and to continue to stop the hair loss.

People with poor hair growth and weak, thinning hair are ideal candidates for PRP treatment for hair loss. Transplant patients also benefit vastly by taking PRP treatments.  It has been reported that PRP can also be beneficial for those suffering from alopecia areata.

It generally takes 6–9 months to see visible results after a PRP hair loss treatment.  However at the Regrow Hair Centre we are seeing results a lot quicker than this due to our special blend and techniques of injecting PRP that sets us apart from the rest of the market.

There is no downtime as such. You can resume your daily routine right after the treatment. After a couple of hours, patients can even style their hair the way they want, we do advise however not to wash hair for 24 hours following treatment.


There can be some inflammation and redness in the affected area for some time after the treatment but it is common and not painful. You should not worry about this. However, make sure you don’t use harsh chemical colouring and perming treatment for at least 72 hours. Laser treatment can be resumed next day.

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