Laser treatment has been clinically proven to effectively and safely treat pattern hair loss and promote hair growth in men and women.  Laser works especially well in conjunction with PRP and home treatments for best hair loss results

We run our laser treatment package for 6 months which allows the hair to gradually grow and thicken over a period of time for either 30 minutes every week or 1 hour every other week.

We recommend either once a week for 30 minutes or if you travel a little further to our clinic then we would advise 1 hour every two weeks.  Results are the same its just down to managing your time effectively

Laser Hair treatment is 100% safe to use and there are no side effects to the treatment.  It is 100% pain free and many patients find it very therapeutic to relax – some patients even fall asleep during treatment!

Absolutely and in some instances if you are pushed for time to get into the clinic a home device would use it you as you can wear the device from 10 minutes every night

We are an official stockist of the no.1 Hair growth laser in the world.  We work with Hairmax and we can supply patients with a home laser device at the best prices in the UK Guaranteed.  Check out our online shop www.regrowhairproducts.co.uk for more information

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